Precautions before using the machine

2022-11-10 14:28

1. Leveling
Since the filaments need to be glued to the print platform layer by layer, platform calibration is the most important step (i.e. adjusting the distance between the print head and the platform). If the print head (filaments outlet) is too close to the platform, the filaments cannot be completely extruded, which will lead to blockage of the print head, damage to the platform, failure of the extrusion end and so on. If the print head is too far from the platform, the filaments cannot be connected layer by layer, which will also cause the model  cannot be molded.

2. Network connection
The difference between CUBE and traditional 3D printers is that CUBE can be connected to mobile phones through WIFI, and we can play with 3D printing without designing models online. However, different mobile phones and network environments can easily lead to unsuccessful network connection, so we need to read the instructions carefully. If we still can't connect successfully, pls send emails to for consultation.

3. Be sure to click the "Home" button before printing
 Before starting printing each time, click the "Home" button to return the print head to the origin , in order to ensure the accuracy  of printing.