Precautions for the installation of critical parts

2022-11-10 14:45

Print head

When installing the print head, if the print head is crooked (i.e. different from the print head on the picture), it needs to be readjusted until it is the same as the picture. )

To install the Z-axis, you need to determine if the bottom is installed correctly. If it is not installed correctly, it will affect the printing accuracy of the model. (Please refer to pictures and videos for specific operations)

Connection to the computer via USB
When connecting a computer via USB to print a model with Cura, be sure to confirm that the port connection is correct, otherwise the computer will not be able to automatically recognize the 3D printer.

After the machine is installed, if the X/Y/Z axis and print head cannot operate normally, you can reinstall the port to avoid the inability to control the machine because the port is not firmly connected.